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The King in His Temple

May 31, 2015 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 19:41–20:8

So often in the world today we see that authority is maligned. Especially as Americans, we do not like to have anyone in authority over us. Sometimes that is for good reason, as politicians, employers, and others abuse their lawful authority. Nothing is more dangerous to lawful authority than its abuse – because it makes us distrust the very nature of authority. But there are other times when people throw off lawful authority; people do this to avoid responsibility or to reject what is right. As the Lord Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem, we saw the crowds recognize the inherent authority He had as King. But just as quickly, we see another challenge His authority in the temple and as the prophet of God. This challenge is a blessing for us because it allows us to see Jesus express His true authority with power and wisdom, as we see “The King in His Temple.” (Luke 19:41-20:8).

I. The Compassion of the King

II. The Zeal of the King

III. The Wisdom of the King

Questions for consideration: (1) What can we learn for our own lives from seeing Jesus’ reaction to Jerusalem? (2) Why is it important for the gospels to record the incident of Jesus cleansing the Temple? What does it tell us about Jesus? About ourselves? (3) What does the Pharisees question tell us about our own hearts? How can Jesus’ answer give us direction?

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