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Seeing Jesus

May 3, 2015 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 18:31–18:43

Sometimes it is hard to see, and sometimes, we hardly see. There are many things in life that obscure our vision: fog, rain, steam, or darkness. But there are also many ways in which we keep ourselves from seeing the world around us. We become obsessed with our clothes, our smartphones, our cars, and fail to take in the wonder of God’s creation. We can fail to see the needs and pain of those around us. Most importantly, we can fail to see our own place in the universe before a holy and just God. As often happens in the Gospel of Luke, Luke brings this problem into focus for us with a compelling story – the story of the blind beggar. He could not see, but he knew the thing he needed most of all was to be “Seeing Jesus” (Luke 18:31-43).

I. Once Blind
A. Blind Beggar
B. Blind Disciples

II. Now Seeing
A. Seeing Need
B. Seeing the Savior

III. Ever Trusting
A. Actual Faith
B. Active Faith

Questions for consideration: (1) What in your life makes it hard for you to see? To see your need? To see other around you? To see Jesus? (2) What are the three elements of faith? Why is each important? (3) If faith is trusting in Jesus, why does it involve action on our part?

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