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Healing on the Sabbath

December 7, 2014 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 13:10–13:17

“We don’t need God!” yell many in the world today. “Why would we need an arbitrary, capricious higher being? People are basically good, and as long we encourage that, we will do just fine on our own.” This sounds good at first, lifting up the spirits of humanity. However, the problem is that it simply is not true. People are not “basically good.” They don’t always seek the best for others. Moreover, more than that, we are constantly in need of help to survive the cruelness of the world. In the Bible we see a very different and much more encouraging picture: where people are ignored and hurting, Jesus goes to them with healing. Jesus is filled with compassion, and He is continually freeing people from the burdens of pain, suffering, and sin. Where will you place your faith today? Will it be in some vague notion of humanity – a notion that is belied every day in the news – or in Jesus, the one filled with compassion, who delights in “Healing on the Sabbath” (Luke 13:10-17 and 14:1-6)?

I. Realities of a Sin-Filled World
A. The Disabled Woman
B. The Dropsy Man

II. Reaching Out with Compassionate Grace
A. Jesus Sees the Need
B. Jesus Acts

III. Reacting to the Work of Jesus
A. Uncaring Unbelief
B. Active Belief

Questions for consideration: (1) How does suffering and pain affect your outlook on life? On God? (2) How do Jesus’ actions inform you about the perspective you should have toward others? (3) What is the danger of theology without action? Action without theology? What is the solution?

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