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God Will Take Care of You

November 2, 2014 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 12:22–12:34

Do you find yourself being anxious about your finances? Often the reason that we work so hard to acquire things and horde things after we get them is our fear of being without. Countless advertisements that frighten us with retirement investment statistics, news reports about the economy, and instability in the job market all conspire to create in us a mental state that focuses first and foremost on our material well-being, instead of our spiritual well-being. But Jesus reminds us that while we should be good stewards, we cannot let fear over money and possessions drive us. We must trust in the Lord, who cares even for the birds of the air and flowers of the field. When we seek the Kingdom of God, we not only pursue our spiritual well-being, but we can know the great comfort that "God Will Take Care of You" (Luke 12:22-34).

I. Trust, Don't Worry (12:22-28)
A. Trust God to Provide (v22-24)
B. Worry is Unnecessary (v25-26)
C. God is Not Stingy (v27-28)

II. Kingdom, Not Stuff (12:29-32)
A. Don't Be Consumed By Earthly Things (v29-30)
B. Seek and Receive the Kingdom (v31-32)

III. Invest, Don't Treasure (12:33-34)
A. Loosen Your Grip (v33a)
B. Invest Generously (v33b)
C. Solve the Problem of Worry (v34)

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