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Mary and Martha

September 7, 2014 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 10:38–10:42

Have you thought recently about the way that you relate to the Lord? The Bible teaches us that it is not by what we do that we are made right with God, but rather it is what Jesus has done that is the critical difference. Most evangelical Christians would be able to outline that crucial theological principle, but are they living it out in real life? That is, are Christians able to resist the temptation to find their worth in how well they serve Jesus, instead of in how marvelously Jesus has delivered them? To help us think about this important issue, Luke records for us the story of two sisters, a dinner party, and the instructions of the Savior. As we think about our lives, we would do well to study the story of “Mary and Martha” (Luke 10:38-42).

I. Two Different Sisters
A. Martha
B. Mary

II. The Mistress of the House
A. Storm on the Rise
B. Hurricane in the Heart

III. The Lord of the Heart
A. Gentle Correction
B. Choosing the Best

Questions for consideration: (1) Why do you think there are so many different personalities among Christians? What can we learn from that? (2) What good things distract you from hearing Jesus in His Word? How do you correct your focus? (3) What can we learn from Jesus correction of Martha that applies to us? To how we should correct others?

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