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The Wisdom to Avoid Sin

August 10, 2014 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Proverbs

Topic: PM Service Passage: Proverbs 5:1–5:23

I. Sin is Not What it Resembles (5:1-6)
A. Dealing with Sin Requires Wisdom (1-2)
B. Sin Appears Good (3)
C. Sin Has a Bitter Side (4-6)

II. Sin Brings Ruin and Regret (5:7-14)
A. Avoid Sin (7-8)
B. Sin Ruins You (9-11)
C. Sin Leaves Regret (12-14)

III. Sin is the Rejection of Blessing (5:15-20)
A. Do Not Reject (15-17)
B. Realize What God Has Given (18-19)
C. Sin is Foolishness (20)

IV. Sin is Always Revealed (5:21-23)
A. There is No Secret Place (21)
B. Sin is Its Own Prison (22-23)

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