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True Greatness

August 3, 2014 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 9:37–9:50

What is it that makes a person great? Is it having great natural ability? Is it when someone is famous and looked up to by others? Or is greatness a “state of mind,” that someone can bring to themselves by the “power of positive thinking”? This debate rages on, especially when how we define “greatness” affects the outcome of whether we are great! As the disciples followed Jesus, they saw and did incredible things. This made him wonder more and more who among themselves was the greatest. But as they looked at themselves they missed the measure of true greatness – the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the one who makes others great; even the weakest, smallest, and most humble are great when they are found in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the lesson that Luke teaches in "True Greatness" (Luke 9:37-50).

I. Is it Based on What We Can Do?

II. Is It Based on What People Think?

III. The True Measure of Greatness

Questions for consideration: (1) Why are we so ready to measure our worth based on what we can do or have done? How does that tendency affect our ability to follow Jesus? (2) What is the attraction to measuring ourselves by what others think? How does that affect the way we live? The way that we treat others? (3) What does Jesus want from you today that shows greatness?

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