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Jesus the Christ

July 20, 2014 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 9:18–27

Each and every week we make our way to church. We try to live our lives in a way that is positive, helps others, and brings us joy. We want to be free from pain and the harmful consequences of both our own and others’ actions. There is nothing essentially wrong with that, but we must understand that the life of a Christian – that is, a follower of Christ – is much more than that. It does not begin with our actions, our desires, or even our hopes. The life of a Christian must be grounded in what we believe about Jesus. To understand the world around us, ourselves, and our purpose, we must begin with the critical question that Jesus asks: “Who do you say that I am?” It is there that we find the beginning of our journey. Only when we have been faced with that question, and can answer as Luke reports to us, you are "Jesus the Christ" (Luke 9:18-27) that we can know salvation and true peace.

I. The Most Important Question
A. What Do People Say?
B. Making it Personal

II. The Meaning of the Answer
A. The Fulfillment of Promise
B. An Unexpected Truth

III. The Consequence of Believing
A. The Life of Discipleship
B. The Cost of Discipleship

Questions for consideration: (1) How does it affect you what people around you think of Jesus? (2) What expectations do you have of Jesus? Which expectations have you gotten rid of as you have studied the Scriptures? (3) How are you denying yourself for Jesus? What cross are you taking up? What does it mean to you to follow Jesus?

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