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Hearing and Doing

May 25, 2014 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 8:16–8:21

It is easy to “talk a good game,” isn’t it? We see it in sports, when an athlete goes on and on about how he will destroy the other team, only to be a non-factor in the actual game. We see it in politics, when a candidate promises how he will solve all our problems, only to look just like every other politician we have seen. We see it in our own lives: New Year’s resolutions un-kept, grand ideals of parenting falling victim to reality, and foxhole-style prayers to God forgotten in the bustle of life.

The good news of the gospel is that we are made right with God (justification) not by anything we do, but by merely accepting what Jesus has done. At the same time, the evidence that we are right with God can be seen in how our lives have changed and are changing (sanctification). It makes perfect sense – God does not only want us to “talk the talk” (Ephesians 2:8-9), but to “walk the walk” (Ephesians 2:10). Jesus reminds us of this when he calls us to let our lives shine before others, doing what He tells us. That is “Hearing and Doing” (Luke 8:16-21).

I. Being Light
A. Shining with the Gospel
B. Shining for God’s Glory

II. Being Real
A. The Dangers of Faking
B. Real Growth

III. Being Family
A. Brought Into the Family
B. Family Resemblance

Questions for consideration: (1) In what ways are you making your faith in Christ useful? How would others know that you follow Jesus? (2) Are you trying to keep secrets from God? If so, what does this passage teach you? (3) How do you treat God’s Word? Do you think about Judgment Day?

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