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Matters of Life and Death

April 27, 2014 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 7:1–7:17

What is most important to you? Some might say their career; others might say their family; and still others might say the contributions that they can make to society. But when it all comes down to it, we have a saying that is meant to describe how important something is, but in reality points to what is most important: we say something is “a matter of life and death.” Death has a way of getting our attention no matter what else we are focused upon. Death reminds us that we are limited, that we are dependent. Only when we understand that we are not in control, but rather that our sovereign Creator is, can we begin to put things in proper perspective.

We have an example of this in Luke 7. Two people in great need are visited by the Lord Jesus – one, a centurion who knows only Jesus can help his servant, and another, a widow without hope who meets Hope personified in Jesus. Luke gives us two critical things to think about as we face the difficulties inherent in life: first, that we can trust Jesus and second, that Jesus brings us real hope.

I. A Matter of Faith
A. The Challenge of Our Worth
B. The Perspective of Faith
C. The Reality of Faith

II. A Matter of Hope
A. The Challenge of Tragedy
B. The Compassion of Jesus
C. The Reality of Hope

III. Jesus is Who Matters

Questions for consideration: (1) What in your life are you most tempted to view as being worthy of God’s blessing? (2) How can we use accounts of faith like this to draw closer to Jesus? How can we use them to show others Jesus? (3) Why is hope so important for your growth in Christ?

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