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Are You Ready for Real Change?

March 23, 2014 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 5:27–5:39

The Gospel of Luke is a recounting of the deeds and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. In so many different ways, and in different circumstances, Jesus got involved in the lives of people, changing them – often for forever. Sometimes we can forget that the gospel is exactly that – the life changing entrance of Jesus in the life of a sinner. As we study Luke’s gospel, it can be easy to simply view it as an observer of events; we look and see Jesus teaching others, healing others, and confronting others. But the question comes to us: do we see Jesus teaching us, healing us, and confronting us? Are we ready for Jesus to press the demands of His gospel on our lives and to change us forever? Because that is what Jesus does, he changes people who need to be changed, and that includes us.

I. We Must Be Changed (5:27-32)
A. Change Comes to Us (5:27)
B. Change is Seen in Us (5:28-29)
C. Change is Necessary For Us (5:30-32)

II. The Change Must Be Real (5:33-39)
A. Real Change Brings Joy (5:33-35)
B. Real Change Can’t Be Controlled (5:36-38)
C. Real Change is Good (5:39)

Questions for consideration: (1) What would “leaving everything” mean to you? Can you think of three things that are important to you that you would leave right now for Jesus’s sake? (2) In what ways are you tempted to react like the Pharisees when you see Jesus working in the lives of others? How does this passage help you to fight that temptation? (3) How would you describe the blessings of change to someone who does not know Jesus?


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