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Changing Lives

March 16, 2014 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 5:12–5:26

What is the thing in your life that causes you the most concern? What does it seem is the hardest problem to solve? Is it your finances? Your health? Perhaps the way you believe others unfairly treat you? If this is the case, then you are in good company. Most people look see externals; that is, the circumstances of their lives as the hardest things that they face. But Jesus tells us that it is what is within us that we should be far more concerned about. It may be hard for us to believe, but being cured of a deadly disease or having all our financial problems solved is more with our grasp than finding forgiveness of sins. As hard as life’s circumstances are, we can persevere and overcome. But it is impossible for us to find forgiveness within ourselves. It is when we face the reality of our sin before a holy God that we see we are truly helpless and undone.

But the good news of the gospel is that Jesus there, precisely at the point where we need Him the most. In fact, He works in the circumstances of our lives – of finances, relationships, and other ways – so that He may show us that He has the power to give us forgiveness of sins and eternal life. In this passage Jesus shows us his authority to forgive sins and to heal the broken hearted. As we study the lives of lepers and paralytics, think about your own life, and how much you need the Lord Jesus Christ.

I.   The Dead Man Made Alive
A.  Great Need
B.  The Willing Savior
C.    The Response to a Miracle

II.  The Man Set Free
A.  Great Faith
B.  The Real Need
C.  Response to the Son of Man

Questions for consideration:  (1) What do you think separated this leper from the others around him? What separates you from those around you who do not seek out Jesus? (2) Why do you think the Lord allows very bad things to happen to us? How have hard Providences affected your life ultimately for the better?  (3) Are you hesitant to ask the Lord to bring real change into your life? In what ways do you need the Lord right now?

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