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Son of Man, Son of God

February 2, 2014 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 3:21–3:38

In a country and a time that has become less and less knowledgeable of (and less interested in) who Jesus is, the Church of Jesus Christ has an opportunity to lead the way. For some, Jesus is a figment of imagination; for others, he is a kind and vague teacher; and for still others, he is a kind of political revolutionary. But just as Treasury agents are taught not to spot counterfeit money, but rather the real thing, so we are called not as much to correct every misconception about Jesus but instead to proclaim the real and true Jesus. Our historian friend, Luke, does exactly that. We have seen how with painstaking care Luke brings clarity to the life and history of Jesus. This week we will turn to Luke’s recounting of the baptism and genealogy of Christ. In this, Luke shows us the importance of the reality that Jesus is truly man and truly God.

I. Jesus is Fully Man
A. The Problem: Who is Jesus?
B. Why Must Jesus Be Man?
C. Luke Shows Us

II. Jesus is Fully God
A. Why Must Jesus Be God?
B. The Son of God

III. Jesus is Fully a Savior
A. Identifying With His People
B. All of God's Promises
C. We Stand in Christ

Questions for consideration: (1) How can we learn from Luke about testifying to the reality and humanity of Jesus? (2) Why is it important theologically that Jesus is God? Why is it important experientially and practically? (3) How can sloppy thinking about Jesus affect our joy, peace, and assurance in Christ?

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