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Humility in a Self-Exalting World

November 3, 2013 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Post Christian World

Topic: AM Service Passage: Micah 6:8–6:8

Each and every day we hear it more and more: “You are the best!” and “He is a superstar!” Everyone is above average, and nearly everyone is elite. In the sports world, we have come to a place where we have no words to describe the best in a given field, because now each team has two, or three, of 10 “superstars.” In youth athletics, everyone gets a trophy, just for showing up. Our society has come to a place where we don’t want anyone to feel like they are not the absolute best. It is no better in academic circles – grade inflation is at an all-time high. Universities and even high schools usually give out an average grade of B+ or even A-. But the question comes to us – if we are all so great at everything we do, why are there so many problems in the world? Why do businesses flounder, governments fail, and families struggle? Why do we search for answers to problems, unable to cope?

The same could be said of the Church. While we congratulate ourselves on our self-worth, evangelism is at a low ebb. We act like we have it all together, but sin and scandal (both public, and private) seems to be everywhere. Even though the Church is the people of God, it often appears that we do not need Him.

But the good news is that this is not a new problem, and we do not need to seek a new solution. Since the Fall in the garden, the Church has struggled with pride and self-exaltation. “You will be like God!” was the siren call of sin, and it is still present with us. And throughout the centuries, the solution to resisting that temptation has been to know that peace, love, and purpose are found in walking humbly with the Lord.

I. A World of Pride
A. Thinking We Don’t Need God
B. Thinking We Can Please God

II. Looking Beyond Self
A. In Action
B. In Principle

III. Walking Humbly with God
A. Aware of God’s Presence
B. Conforming to God’s Will

Questions for consideration: (1) Where does the world get its idea of “good” from? How can we make similar errors? (2) Why is it important for believers in Christ to have concrete manifestations of integrity and justice? (3) What is the hardest thing for you about conforming to God’s will?

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