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Falling Away?

September 15, 2013 Speaker: Duncan Rankin Series: Hebrews

Topic: AM Service Passage: Hebrews 6:1–6:8

I. Introduction

II. Members of the visible church are richly blessed!
A. They have tasted the good things of God (vs. 4b)
B. They have been made partakers of the Holy Spirit (vs. 4c)
C. They have tasted the good Word of God & the powers of the age to come (vs. 5)

III. Sadly, some in the visible church always fall away
A. They fall away from the covenant community (vs. 6a)
B. They fall away from their church vows (vs. 6a)
C. They fall away from their profession of faith (vs. 6a)

IV. Such apostates have no hope in themselves
A. Their only hope was in Christ (vs. 6)
B. They turn from blessing to shame (vs. 6-7)
C. God curses and burns (vs. 8)

V. Conclusion

Questions for consideration: (1) How are all church members blessed? (2) How do some members fall away from their professions of faith? (3) What hope do such members have in themselves? (4) Where does their only hope really lie?

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