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Being Salt and Light in a Dark World

July 28, 2013 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Post Christian World

Topic: AM Service Passage: Matthew 5:13–5:16

When the world looks dark and rotten, believers in the Lord Jesus Christ need to remember that it is not their job to curse the darkness and complain about the rot, but to be the means that the Lord uses to effect change in the world.

I. Out of the Saltshaker
A. Preserving
B. Flavoring
C. Thirsting

II. Into the Darkness
A. Exposing
B. Shining
C. Reflecting

III. Our Calling
A. Be Different
B. Be Responsible
C. Be Humble

Questions for consideration: (1) Which analogy (salt/light) do you gravitate toward? Why is that? (2) Does your influence in your family, neighborhood, and workplace tend to focus on combatting evil or promoting good? Should they be exclusive? (3) What practical ways can you be salt and light in your community this week?

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