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Blessings of the Covenant

June 9, 2013 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Genesis

Topic: AM Service Passage: Genesis 47:1–47:31

Are you tempted to see the world solely as a place where people place restrictions and burdens on Christians and the Church? With attacks on the truth of Scripture becoming more and more of an everyday occurrence, it seems that all we should do is avoid the problems of the world in order to receive the Lord’s blessings. But have you considered recently how the Lord wants us to be salt and light to the world?  In other words, the Lord blesses His people, and the blessings overflow into the rest of the world. Think about the famine in Egypt. All of Egypt (even all the world) were spared from the worst effects of the famine because the Lord was preparing a bounty for Israel and his family. God’s covenant blessings reach even to the lost, who refuse to acknowledge the great Giver. This is what we see in Genesis 47, “Blessings of the Covenant,” as Israel and his family come face to face with Pharaoh and settle in a land that will be their home, and then their prison, for nearly 500 years.

I. Blessings to God’s People
A. Provision
B. Protection

II. Blessings Overflowing to the World
A. General Blessings
B. Specific Mercies

III. Blessings Yet to Come
A. Not Satisfied with the World
B. Focused on the Promise

Questions for consideration: (1) Think about ways in which the Lord has blessed you. Have you always been aware of them? Have you been thankful? (2) How does God’s general mercy (or common grace) help us in our witnessing to others? (3) In what ways today can you focus less on your problems and more on God’s promises?

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