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Jesus is our Brother

February 3, 2013 Speaker: Duncan Rankin Series: Hebrews

Topic: AM Service Passage: Hebrews 2:9–2:19

The Son of God humbled Himself by becoming our brother. As our incarnate Prophet, Priest, and King, Jesus is a better Mediator for us. The cross of the incarnate Christ makes a profound spiritual difference in lives. Jesus became our brother to save us from our sins!


I. Although greater than the angels, Jesus was humbled as a man.

A. The Son of God was humbled by incarnation.

B. The Son of God was humbled by suffering & death.

C. The Son of God was humbled by temptation.

II. As our brother, Jesus ministers to us.

A. Jesus is our Prophet.

B. Jesus is our Priest.

C. Jesus is our King.

III. Only Jesus can save us from our sins!

A. His cross impacts the Devil.

B. His cross impacts mankind.

C. His cross impacts God the Father.

Questions for Consideration: (1) How did the Son of God humble himself in the incarnation? (2) Why is Jesus’ ministry to us better because of the incarnation? (3) What does the cross of Christ impact and why? (4) Why is it Good News to hear that Jesus is our brother?

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