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Jacob's Ladder

December 9, 2012 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Genesis

Topic: AM Service Passage: Genesis 28:10–28:22

Often we think about the Lord with ourselves at the center of the relationship. We are the seekers; we are the ones who decide the terms of our relationship with God - when in reality, it is the Lord who seeks His people. Jacob found that out, one cold, lonely night in Bethel.

I. God is with His People (28:10-12)
A. In Their Circumstances

B. When They Are Not Looking

C. Bridging Heaven and Earth

II. God Gives Promises to His People (28:13-15)
A. Confirming His Blessing

B. Confirming His Presence

III. God is Worshipped by His People (28:16-22)
A. Realization of God

B. Remembering God

C. Reverence for God

Questions for consideration: (1) What aspects of your daily life can “hide” God from you?
(2) What does it mean to you to know that God is with you? What does that look like in daily life? (3) How does the remembrance of God change the way you view yourself and those around you?

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