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Tale of Two Sons

November 4, 2012 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Genesis

Topic: AM Service Passage: Genesis 25:1–25:34

Isaac and Rebekah begin their family together. They are faced with challenges to their faith, just as Abraham and Sarah were. Genesis 25 also introduces us to the next generation, Esau and Jacob, and the story of how Esau despised his birthright - and in effect, he despised the promises of God.


I. Faith in a Sovereign God
II. Choice of a Sovereign God
III. Responsibility Before a Sovereign God


Questions for consideration: (1) How has the Lord tested your faith recently? How did you respond? How could you have trusted Him more? (2) In what ways have you seen God’s sovereign choice in your life? (3) What things or impulses tempt you to put them before the Lord?


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