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Isaac and Rebekah

October 28, 2012 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Genesis

Topic: AM Service Passage: Genesis 24:1–24:67

Abraham has lived a long and blessed life. Before he dies, he sends his faithful servant to find a wife for Isaac from among their family in Haran. The task seems impossible, but by faith, the servant looks to the Lord and His Providence to provide a future for the heir to the promise.


I. Looking to the Lord’s Future (24:1-9)
II. Looking to the Lord’s Providence (24:10-27)
III. Looking to the Lord’s Priority (24:28-60)
IV. Looking to the Lord’s Blessing (24:61-67)


Questions for consideration: (1) How does God’s Word for your future effect your everyday choices and directions? (2) How do you show others around you the priority of the things of God in your life? (3) Think about how the Lord has blessed you are relieved your pain. Have you thanked Him?

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