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Forget Falsehoods

October 21, 2012 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Colossians

Topic: PM Service Passage: Colossians 2:16–2:23

We are often tempted to try and set up a series of rules or works, by which we judge we can please God. In this passage, Paul warns us against doing that, for all it does it put barriers between us and the free grace of God in Christ.

I. Forget Condemnation
A. Things Forbidden
B. Things Required
C. Spiritual Reality is Christ

II. Forget Troublemakers
A. Singular Enthusiasms
B. Insistent Authority
C. Root of the Trouble

III. Forget Slavery
A. Enslaved by the World
B. Enslaved by the Law
C. Enslaved by the Flesh

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