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Abraham and Abimelech

October 7, 2012 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Genesis

Topic: AM Service Passage: Genesis 21:22–21:34

It can be difficult as Christians to determine how we are to relate to the world around us. In the story of Abraham and Abimelech, four myths are exposed:

Myth #1: It is only what we say that is important

Myth #2: We only need to yell the truth louder

Myth #3: We only need to be completely separate from everyone in the world

Myth #4: We only need to be like the world

Sermon Outline:

I. Testifying to the World
A. Our Lives Speak

B. Speaking of the Lord

II. Standing for Right in the World
A. Standing for Principles

B. Restoring Disruptions

III. Living in the World
A. Relating to Others

B. Living by Truth

IV. Worshipping in the World
A. Remembering the Difference

B. Proclaiming the Lord

Questions for consideration: (1) In what ways does you live speak to your neighbors? How is that good? How is that bad? (2) How can we as individuals and as a church stand for the principles of God’s Word today? (3) How do you testify for the Lord in your everyday life and opportunities?

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