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A Picture of Love

November 5, 2006 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Ruth

Topic: PM Service Passage: Ruth 3:1–18

I. The Focus of Love (3:1-4)
A. Naomi’s Repentance
B. Naomi’s Plan

II. The Obedience of Love (3:5-7)
A. Ruth’s submission
B. Ruth’s obedience

III. The Honor of Love (3:8-12)
A. Boaz reacts
B. Ruth’s honor
C. Boaz’s honor/honesty

IV. The Commitment of Love (3:12-18)
A. Committed to the good of another
B. Committed to the reputation of another
C. Willing to show commitment

V. The God of Love
A. God behind the entire story
B. Drama of God loving His people

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