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Philippians Sunday School

This class is taught by Mike Burns.

If you were in prison, what kind of letter would you write to your friends? Perhaps you would focus on the difficulties - your tight quarters, poor food, or social isolation. But Paul's letter to the Philippians, written from jail, has no hint of self-pity. It is a letter that radiates with joy. (Download the Syllabus)

Each Week's Lesson and Materials:

Week 1 (June 7)

Philippians 1:1-4
To see the relationship between Paul and the church at Philippi as an example and challenge to our relationship to the church and each other. (Session 1 Study Guide)

Week 2 (June 14)

Philippians 1:5-11
To explore the bonds of grace and love that are possible among Christians. (Session 2 Study Guide)

Week 3 (June 21)

Philippians 1:12-18a
To be aware of the effects our attitudes have on our Christian service. (Session 3 Study Guide)

Week 4 (June 28)

Philippians 1:18b-26
To recognize the mutual dependence of Christians in the present age, and the glorious prospect which awaits them in the future. (Session 4 Study Guide)

Week 5 (July 5)

Philippians 1:27-2:4
To become more aware of both the responsibilities and the privileges which are ours in Christ.

Week 6 (July 12)

Philippians 2:5-11
To come to a better understanding of the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Week 7 (July 19)

Philippians 2:12-18
To understand what it means to ‘work out’ our salvation.

Week 8 (July 26)

Philippians 2:19-30
To study examples of true Christian character and to imitate them

Week 9 (August 2)

Philippians 3:1-11
To understand what is involved in having a truly Christian ambition for our lives.

Week 10 (August 9)

Philippians 3:12-19
To consider the nature and role of goals in the Christian life.

Week 11 (August 16)

Philippians 3:20-4:3
To understand that Christians live with a different perspective from the world on (i) the future and (ii) disagreements

Week 12 (August 30)

Philippians 4:4-23
To see how the gospel delivers us from anxiety and teaches us contentment and how true spirituality affects our relationships with others.