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When we need forgiveness

The great challenges of life can be crushing to our minds and spirits. This is true when we are weighed down by our own inadequacies, mistakes, and especially our sin. We can do everything we want to try and distract ourselves from our need, but in the end it is not enough. We can pretend that our circumstances are not as black as they are; we can make excuses for our sins; we can even try and insist that sin does not exist. This may provide some kind of "relief" for a moment, but the truth of the matter is that until we come face to face with the black stain of our sin and our inability to fix ourselves, we are not ready for real hope and healing.

This is what the gospel is all about. It is not about our behavior - primarily or initially - but it is about the need of a sinner to find forgiveness and restoration. Forgiveness is found not in who we are or what we have done; forgiveness is found in who Jesus Christ is and what He has done. He has faced the blackness of our sin and did not flinch. He saw the inestimable punishment that is due for sin and willingly drank the cup of God's wrath to its dregs. We can never forget that the hope of the resurrection comes at the cost of the cross of Calvary. Jesus Christ went to the cross because of sin - not His sin, but the sin of people who would be without hope otherwise. People whose only hope would be to trust in Christ by faith.

There is indeed great hope in the gospel, in the resurrection. But often for us, that hope comes after the darkness of seeing our sin and knowing that we need Jesus. The Friday of sin is indeed dark. But remember, Sunday's Coming!

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