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Vacation Bible School at Christ Church

Each summer, the people of Christ Church band together to bring their time and talent to show children in the Katy community the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is amazing to me how much effort is involved in hosting more than 100 children for a week of mornings! But the congregation – including a significant segment of our youth – eagerly takes on the responsibility of getting up early, preparing snacks, working in crafts, teaching classes of children, and practicing skits. They do this so that children can be built up and introduced to the great story of the Bible: that we are all sinners in need of the grace of God, which He has provided in Jesus. It is a joy for me as the pastor to watch children reciting Bible verses and recounting the story of God’s grace. This year, our theme is “Summer Seaquest,” and the story of Jonah is central. Each day brings a fundamental concept of God’s Word to the children that is reinforced with songs, skits, and a storyteller. Today, for example, the children are encouraged to think about the direction of their life by asking "Am I headed to my Tarshish [away from God] or my Nineveh [God’s will for me]?” IMG_9884.JPG

This year once again VBS has provided a great outreach into our community. We have more than 100 students registered (filling up our whole building!), and more than 70% of them are from outside our church. Some come from area churches, but many are from the surrounding neighborhoods. We are blessed to have such a desired program so that many in our community look forward to having their children attend each year.

I have also be encouraged by another aspect of VBS – how the workers from our congregation are blessed by being involved. An incredible part of our congregation – more than 80 people – commits a week of their time to making this ministry happen. That makes VBS among the best fellowship and “team building” events of the year. The workers can get to know one another better and to see the passion for the gospel in each other.

I am so grateful that the Lord is working through the people of Christ Church!

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