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Smartphones and Prayer


Those of you who were in our morning service yesterday and heard my sermon about prayer may remember an illustration I used about the constancy (“without ceasing” or “always”) nature of prayer that Paul urges on us. As I thought about what prayer should look like in our lives, I thought about how ubiquitous my smartphone is in my hand. I am guilty of trying using my smartphone to be “efficient” with every “spare” minute in my life. I pull it out at red lights, while waiting for dinner, in line at the store, and even at the gym. While I don’t want you to forget that connection – or the call to prayer! – I wanted to recommend a resource for those of us who are tethered to a smartphone. You can combine the idea of praying without ceasing and your smartphone with an app called PrayerMate (yes, there is an app for that!).

PrayerMate is very easy to use: just add prayers in the app and swipe to pray for each item. You can pray for individuals, for the gospel to go forth in various nations, for our country, or for your spiritual growth. Christian blogger Tim Challies writes about how he uses Prayer Mate here, and PrayerMate has a website with more information. To download it you can search for PrayerMate in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Join me in praying!

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