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Sanctity of Life - Is it a Celebration for You?


The sanctity of life is on my mind today. Some folks from my area will gather this morning to celebrate the ending of an era of Planned Parenthood in the College Station, TX area. Although I can’t be there, I hope to check out the recording of today’s events later on.

But for some who may read this, it sounds like anything but a celebration. I am aware of that fact and have felt God’s leading to explain the light in which I view abortion.

No matter where we might stand on this issue, which is on the forefront of our nation for many, we have likely all heard the staggering numbers of procedures each day, each week, each year. But most telling to me is the number of abortions in the last 40 years or so. Not because it is the largest number, but rather because of the individual women it represents, women who are living right beside me each and every day. At work, at school, at church, when you are in a gathering of people, you are likely in the presence of someone who personally had an abortion or who is closely affected by someone who has.

So should it be any surprise that our nation as a whole struggles to speak out on the issue of life? Let me ask you, are you in the habit of condemning yourself? I know it is not something I like to see on my to-do list. So then how do we move forward?

First, let me say that for me, and I pray for the majority who claim the label of pro-life, it is the action that is abhorred, not the person. Any parent knows that it is possible to hate the actions of their child while still loving them, even as discipline is enacted.

Clearly stated, sin is just that in the eyes of God – sin, and it must be dealt with as such. And when we repent of our sin, God is faithful and just to forgive us through the blood of Jesus Christ. This offering is not reserved for those who go to church or those who only tell a little lie now and then or say something mean and then say they’re sorry. No – God’s forgiveness is for ALL, no matter how small or great the sin.

Consider this example – A mom believes that telling the truth is important and takes the time to instill this in her children, but one day she herself slips up and offers a lie to avoid admitting a mistake she’s made. Is that the end for that mom? Can she no longer teach her children that honesty is important? Of course not, she must repent of her sin and then forge ahead.

So it is for each of us. We all carry a past, but how heavily it weighs on us is directly related to our relationship with God. Today, whether it is abortion or some other sin, do not focus on what the world is saying about it, and do not focus on how to keep from condemning yourself, but rather run to Jesus who can wash you clean and give you new life. You are not despised, and you are not beyond hope – you are loved! And the God of all love calls to you today!