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Off to the border

On Friday, our small group from Christ Church crossed the U.S. - Mexico border on our way to the Center for Church Planting (CPI) Vision Weekend in Monterrey. Crossing the border was less involved than I thought it would be, but there was still paperwork to fill out, a deposit to be made in order to bring the car into Mexico, and dollars to turn into pesos. As we travelled, one of the most interesting things was just how similar Mexico was to Texas. There were differences of course, but people were going about their day, traffic was moving along, and businesses were open. Too often we think about "missions" as something that we (who are so able and blessed) can do for others (who are so needy). But the truth is that real missions is taking the message of the King of Kings to all sorts of people, even people much like us.

Our first stop across the border was at the home of a ministry for deaf students in Mexico, Isaiah 55. At our Vacation Bible School last summer, Christ Church had received school supplies from the children and teachers, and now we were able to personally "deliver the goods." Isaiah 55 is a wonderful ministry in a difficult section of town. It is a light that shines the grace of Christ to families in need. We took a quick tour of the facilities, including the dorm areas where short term mission teams (maybe ours someday?) stay while working at Isaiah 55. We met Kim, who was working in the office, and heard what has been happening recently. Before long, we had to be on our way, because we were expected in Monterrey by lunch time.

We made good time traveling down the highway, and arrived in Monterrey just before lunch. Our weekend in Monterrey began with a time of getting acquainted around an excellent meal prepared by Mike and Trish Lee, MTW missionaries in Monterrey. We learned more about how MTW is partnering with the Mexican church to develop a church planting movement. It was an exciting beginning, and a sign that there was more to come.

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