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My Ugandan Adventure


As I type, I am waiting for my 5:40pm flight to London, and then on to Entebbe Airport in Kampala, Uganda! Deb helped me check and double check all my belongings to make sure I had what I need, and I am reasonably confident - especially because I had wonderful advisors in veteran African missionaries Ed and Donna Bland, and Tim and Cheri Hoke. I am not nearly as nervous as when I took off for Ukraine almost 15 years ago, not knowing who would meet me on the other end. (and it helps that I am older, and at least have seen more, if I'm not any wiser)Entertainment.JPG

I am hopeful that I will have the time, energy, and internet access to be able to give at least daily updates on what I am doing. I will be making every effort to "not waste my geography" after traveling so far from home. Please be in prayer that the Lord would give me opportunities to minister to the students of African Bible University, and to encourage the Hokes. I am also going to spend some time at the Rafiki village nearby, and to see a few missionary friends of some of you in the congregation.

I hope in some small way to encourage you about missions, and perhaps even motivate you to go on a mission trip yourself (I hear from inside sources that there are still spots open for our Summer Trip to Laredo!).

May the Lord bless you richly,


Tim is on the way to the Entebbe airport right now and should have Fred in his clutches VERY soon! Welcome to Uganda, fellow Texan!

My only advice is to have tissues in your pocket (toilet paper and napkins on the go), hand sanitizer and a bottle of water at all times. And always peel fruit or veg if offered to you! And I encourage you to turn down any fresh drinks or juices offered unless its hot coffee or tea. I'm sure the Hokes will watch over you well! I'm excited for you to see Africa and meet the amazing folks who live there. You will be blessed!

praying for you for safe travels and the Lord to work in you and through you.

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