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Mid-week in Juarez

Report on Construction from Ken Nesteroff:
Today the Christ Church PCA Missions team again served at the Mission Torre Fuerte construction site in Juarez. There were no injuries and God was gracious keeping us safe and in good spirits. At around 8am we opened with prayer. Our safety moment for today focused on Summer Safety Tips for heat stress including Heat Stroke, Exhaustion, Syncope, Cramps, and Rash. The team was advised to gradually build up to heavy work, drink water frequently, and monitor your physical condition and that of your coworkers. The team laid the remainder of the 6-inch drain pipe along the left inside wall of the church and cut a hole in the front cinder block wall for the pipe to exit. The drain pipe was tested for proper drainage flow. This will later be tied into city storm drain system. A re-bar tower that had been poured with cement had cured and the formers were removed by cutting tie (armor) wire and prying the plywood formers apart. These formers will be re-used on other re-bar towers. A women’s team built 4 more re-bar towers. Other teams continued to mix mortar, carry in, and position bricks for the brick layers. These will be used for the interior church walls.

Meanwhile, I went back to Promesa de vida where a group of pastors and leaders in the church gathered to study Christian discipleship. We spent the first portion of our time with each of us describing a bit about ourselves and our background. The stories were surprisingly various examples of God’s grace, but there was a common thread throughout them: each of us had the Lord bring someone (or several people) into our lives to press home the truth of the gospel and encourage us in our walk with Christ. Building off this, I reminded them that this is why discipleship is so important in the local church. God could have, if He had determined to do so, simply dropped the Scripture from heaven into our laps, and brought us to Christ through angels or some other direct means. But instead, he has chosen to use believers in Christ to bring the good news of the gospel. Believers are in the world for reasons, and that is to be ambassadors for Christ and to disciple other believers.

In the evening, we went back for day three of English Camp. By now, we were finally getting the hang of it, and were able to have a better connection with the children. The children absolutely loved the skit story of Jonah, and this day’s skit allowed me to be the King of Nineveh, calling on the people to repent before the judgment of God. The children truly seemed to be enjoying learning new English words and making crafts; and they were also starting to learn the English words for the songs.