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Bible Reading Time!


It is that time of year again. A new year is approaching and with it a whole host of New Year’s Resolutions. For many Christians, that means another attempt to read through the entire Bible in a year. Bible reading is a crucial means of understanding the will of God and a valuable way to grow in grace. The problem can be that while “the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak.” Reading the whole Bible can seem a very daunting task, especially the more difficult parts like Numbers and Leviticus. The key, like in any significant endeavor, is to break it up into smaller, manageable parts. Step by step, chapter by chapter, work your way through the Bible.

Now is the time to plan for how you will do it. How and when will you read? Are you an early riser who enjoys some quiet time with a cup of coffee? Or perhaps a person who needs a break at lunch from the rest of the day? Or even someone who winds down the day in an easy chair with a book? Whatever your normal habits and schedule are, use them to give you a leg up on Bible reading.

51k4wA-QjRL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_There are many ways to read through the Bible, including reading straight through or reading a portion of the Old Testament and New Testament each day. This year there is a special resource that I want to recommend to you. Our former Associate Pastor, John Carroll, has written a book designed to take you through the Bible in a year, Cover to Cover. Pastor Carroll provides insight and encouragement from the Bible as he travels with you. Cover to Cover is available on Amazon in both eBook format, and now this year in paperback. We also have a few copies available in our narthex for purchase.

I hope that the Lord gives you the great blessing of His Word this year!

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Fred, Many thanks for getting the word out about this! We miss you all at Christ Church and wish everyone a Merry Christmas filled with the joy of the Lord.

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