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2018 Peru Mission Trip -Day Two


2018 Christ Church Katy- Peru Mission Team

Day 2

Today was the Lord’s Day and was a day of worship and rest- as it should be! The CCK Peru Mission Team began the day with a breakfast on the rooftop terrace at our hotel. We have been very blessed by the accommodations here. We feel very safe and the staff has been very gracious. We worshiped at the church pastored by Nathaniel Gutierrez and Nate Bonham, La Roca Iglesia Presbiteriana (The Rock Presbyterian Church). The order of worship felt very familiar- even to non-Spanish speaker like me. There was a call to worship, invocation, songs of praise, confession of sin, assurance of pardon and a sermon. The sermon was followed by an offering and benediction. I felt blessed by the opportunity to preach there and felt the help of the Spirit in the delivery. Nathaniel translated for me and I continue to be impressed with his ability to communicate in both English and Spanish. His leadership in the church and his understanding of both the people and the culture in which they live has equipped him to be a very able and wise missionary! They typically have Sunday School after the service. However, this morning, they had a time of special music after the service by a group of six talented men playing a type of Peruvian music. They were accomplished musicians who had a passion to use their message for the glory of God and the spread of the gospel. We were later told that they play in parks to reach people with their message.

We had lunch at the seminary that has just been opened here, Seminario Biblico Rerfomado. We ate a typical Peruvian dish of chicken and rice. The seminary is a nice facility and we saw that the books which we brought were already labeled on the spines, organized, and placed on the shelves there! I think that is a testimony to the eagerness with which they have been received. It is also a testimony to the ability of their intern, a young man named Rodney.

After some rest in the afternoon, we shared another delicious meal at the home of Nate and Nikki Bonham. We closed the day with a devotional led by Curt Mire around a bonfire in the Bonham’s back yard. I have been impressed with our team. Just a quick note on our college students that are with us; Andrew has made some great connections with the missionary kids and Megan and Daniel are very brave in using their Spanish in connecting with people of different ages. The three of them spent a couple of hours conversing with Rodney and his new wife Sara. I’m sure that was a blessing to this couple to connect with other young people.

We look forward to a work day at the church tomorrow. Thank you again for your prayers! Please continue to pray that we will be a blessing here and that the conversations we have and the work that we do will give us a greater passion for the gospel and a better understanding of how we might better serve the church in the future, both in the US and abroad. What a delight it would be if God were to call one or more of this team into mission work in the future!