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2018 Peru Mission Trip- Day 6

2018 Christ Church Katy- Peru Mission Team

Day 6- Packing Up!

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall bend.” Or, as another wise man has said, “Semper Gumby” (ever flexible). However you want to phrase it, flexibility is a key to being a good missionary, even for us short-term missionaries. Today was a day which required flexibility. Our schedule said that we were to visit one or two universities to pray and perhaps pass out flyers, then visit and assist with a medical clinic. First the medical clinic called and said that we were not needed there. Then the rental van which we have been using all week had mechanical problems, which further changed our plans. As it turned out, we were able to pass out flyer invitations to a week-long English camp hosted by the missionaries here, along with a team that is coming next month. Later in the day, we learned that one person had already signed up. We did this near a Catholic University. After we walked the area around the campus, Nate Bonham was able to secure permission from the University for us to come on campus. However, we were not able to pass out the flyers there. Since we could not pass out the flyers or openly evangelize, we walked the campus and prayed. Being there and learning from Nate, we began to understand a little better how deeply Catholicism is ingrained in the culture of Peru. Catholicism is not just one religion among many in Peru. In Peru, Catholicism is the culture!

We did this till almost noon, and then walked to our lunch destination. Following a delicious lunch, we toured a Monastery. This served to further our understanding of the spiritual darkness that has held Peru captive for hundreds of years. After a time of souvenir shopping, supper, and a devotional. We were back to the hotel to pack and prepare to leave tomorrow. Our trip has been fantastic, and packed with work, ministry, and many experiences that have helped us understand more of the Lord’s work here in Peru. We look forward to our trip home, beginning tomorrow and arriving in Houston on Saturday morning. Please pray for traveling mercies for us and that we might be able to rest on the overnight flight. Please mark your calendars to join us on Sunday evening, July 22 as we share more details of this remarkable trip.