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2014 Conference Session 2 - Unconditional Election

When we know that we don't deserve salvation, when we realize that God chose us based on His love for us, we will love others. We can’t hate someone who God loves....

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2014 Conference Session 3- Limited Atonement

Reverend Parsons reminded us that before we can address the issue of the scope of the atonement, we need to understand what the atonement is....

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2014 Conference Session 1 - Total Depravity

“Anyone who says Reformation Theology is easy, hasn’t read their Bible.” - Burk Parsons...

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2014 Fall Conference

Christ Church announces our 2014 Fall Spiritual Life Conference, held on September 26-28, 2014. This is our second Spiritual Life Conference, the purpose of which is to explore the effects ofthe Bible's teaching on the daily life of the Christian. This year our topic is: "The Five Points of Calvinism and the Christian Life," as presented by our speaker, Rev. Burke Parsons...

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Fall Ladies Bible Study is Coming!

This Fall, the ladies of Christ Church are coming together to study God's Word using Nancy Guthrie’s The Promised One, Seeing Jesus in Genesis. Please join us as we connect with women in friendship, prayer and Bible study. The study will meet twice during the week, on both Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings, with both sessions covering the same material each w...

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Women's Ministry Kick-off Luncheon

Ladies…mark your calendars! On Saturday, August 30, the Women’s Ministry of Christ Church will host its annual Kick-off Luncheon for the new church year. ...

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What Commander Cosmos Taught Me About Worship

Surprise, surprise. I’ve always been a ham. Why else would a perfectly normal 50 year old woman dress up in super-hero space garb and lead singing and tell Bible stories for a week at VBS?...

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When we need forgiveness

The great challenges of life can be crushing to our minds and spirits. This is true when we are weighed down by our own inadequacies, mistakes, and especially our sin. We can do everything we want to try and distract ourselves from our need, but in the end it is not enough. We can pretend that our circumstances are not as black as they are; we can make excuses for our sins...

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New Morning Worship Schedule

New Morning Worship Schedule...

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2014 Missions Conference!

Please join us for Christ Church's Missions Conference Friday, February 28 through Sunday, March 2....

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